Wearable Wednesday – Math, Math, Math All Day Long

Math was never my go-to subject. I was always more drawn to words than numbers. But I have crazy respect for people that can look at a string of letters and symbols and see something in it. I just see strings of stuff.

I also am not an Adventure Time fan. I’ve tried watching a couple episodes, but it’s never resonated with me. I’m actually pretty surprised. It feels like a thing that would normally appeal to me.

But somehow, like many other things in my life, a bunch of things I don’t really enjoy on their own have come together to form something I love. This Adventure Time math fabric.

adventure time

It’s not only adorable, but also exposes kids to complex math-like equations at an early age. I’m saying math-like because it looks like math. It looks like equations. But my extreme lack of knowledge/interest means I have no idea if this is legitimate maths or if it’s some made up equation to travel unicorn dimensions or something.

Whatever it is, girls attracted to math should have options to dress themselves in things they love.

This fabric seems to change its hue quite significantly depending on what it’s paired with. I look forward to making several more outfits!

Vest5-1 vest5-2 adventuretime


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