Throwback Thursday – Archie’s Weird Mysteries

“You’re right, earthling. Enslaving cheerleaders for our sporting events is wrong.”

I keep trying to like graphic novels. I don’t dislike them exactly, but I always seem to get distracted by the pictures and have to backtrack a lot. This is totally my issue and not the fault of the medium. So, adult me reads only a couple graphic novels and even then, it’s not a regular thing. However, as a kid, I adored comics. Specifically Archie comics. I would ask my parents to buy me one every time we went through the grocery check out. They gave in less frequently than I would have liked.

“Friends don’t let other friends eat vegetables.”

Eventually, Archie comics moved out of my direct frame of reference and became the books that lived on the back of the toilet. I rarely thought about them, but enjoyed picking one up from time to time. Then 1999 rolled around and a new version of the Riverdale gang rolled out – in cartoon form. Now, there had been other Archie cartoons, and I had enjoyed them in my youth, but by this point I was in a phase where many a Saturday mornings were spent on the couch in a hungover haze and what better way to fill that time than Archie’s Weird Mysteries. Terrible science wrapped around a dude that can’t pick between his ladies.

“There’s no library in Riverdale. That’s Starbucks.”

This particular episode is about time travel, so it should come as no surprise that it appeals to my sensibilities.


Stay Weird

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