Top Ten Tuesday – Lost in the Stacks

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is books you’d recommend to people who like ” insert extremely popular book of your choice”. I’ve talked about how much I hate when publishers do this, so I’m not going to turn around and do my own list. Instead, I’ve chosen an entirely different topic.

I love the library. I love that people can access books without having to spend any money (for the most part). That you can go and sit for hours and no one tells you to leave. And libraries always have the most comfortable chairs. So today, I’m going to do a dream library tour. Okay, not the big global dream, but the North America dream. Libraries I might actually, realistically get to one of these days. A lot of these are very modern in their styling. I have a lot of old libraries I’d like to visit, but these are ones I’m drawn to for their aesthetics and architecture.

I’m bookending the list with two awesome libraries I’ve already visited.

Seattle Central Library (Koolhaus Library) – Seattle, Washington

I was here a few years ago. Maybe 2010? Some time around then. It is magical. And huge. There’s this floor in the middle of the building that’s completely red. Floors, walls, ceiling. It’s like being in the heart of the library.



Central Public Library – Vancouver, British Columbia

This is one of the most beautiful library exteriors I’ve ever seen. I remember walking by it in Vancouver and wanting to go in so badly. But there was no time. Sigh. I feel kind of silly that visiting this library would be so easy to knock off my list and yet I haven’t done it.



Stephen A. Schwarzman Library – New York, New York

This library is iconic. It would be shameful to leave it off the list.

New York1

New York2

Harold Washington Library – Chicago, Illinois

Classic on the outside. Modern on the inside. Just one more addition to the long, long, long list of reasons I want to go to Chicago.



Jose Vasconcelos Library – Mexico City

The size of this library is epic. Epic!



Thomas Fischer Rare Books Library – Toronto, Ontario

Rare books. A giant room full of rare books. There’s another one of these further down on the list as well. The feel of a rare book library is different from regular libraries. It’s magical.



Halifax Central Library – Halifax, Nova Scotia

I love Halifax. And this building is just damn cool. And Halifax. Yeah.



Geisel Library, University of California – San Diego, California

Is this library real? Or is this some kind of internet prank? Because this is literally one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen.

san diego1

san diego2

Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscript Library, Yale – New Haven, Connecticut

Here’s that other rare books entry. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. From the inside – can I just work here? I know it’s probably reserved for Yalies and what not, but come on, let me do it. I’ll just hand out the gloves or something.



Jasper Place Library – Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton has a great library system. We won some award last year. The programs and services are exceptional. Most of the buildings are pretty normal, but the new Jasper Place Library is rad.



Any other libraries you’d suggest? Or exceptional local libraries that don’t get enough love?


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