Music Round Up!

I’ve done this before. Songs I’m particularly fond of this week. Enjoy.

Downtown by Macklemore and a ton of other people

It is impossible for me to be unhappy when listening to this song.

Sunshine Highway by Dropkick Murphys

I always love this song, but only recently added it to my ipod. My bad. Accordions do not get enough love.

Toaster in the Bathtub by Tony Sly

I randomly picked this song because the title amused me. Now I genuinely really like the song.

Snowed In by Big Data

You may not know who these guys are. Rectify this immediately.

American Girl by Elle King

This girl has very quickly turned into my go to musical choice.

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

My favourite Fleetwood Mac song. I was reminded of its amazingness in the first episode of The Americans (which is also excellent)

Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News

I will never not listen to Huey Lewis. Never. Also, last week was Back to the Future week, so super apprioriate.

And in case you’ve forgotten that Huey Lewis had a cameo in Back to the Future

Sway by The Kooks

I had misplaced this album. I recently found it and remembered how much I love this song.

Creator by Santigold

I just like it. Especially that bit at the beginning.


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