Friday Music – 90’s Revisit

Over the weekend, I was at the wedding of a couple friends. It turned into a surprisingly dancey affair. It started out slow, but when the DJ tuned into our 90s hip hop sensibilities, the dancing would not stop. And now, I’m in a 90s frenzy. And then this morning, a friend posted about listening to the same type of music. And now, it’s time to round up a bunch of great 90s dancing music. Listen, Enjoy. Dance at your desk.

California Love – Tupac

Can you dig it?

Whoomp! – Tag Team

Mighty Ducks forever

Pony – Genuwine

This song came out in my early bar days. Oh the dance floor shenangians.

The Rain – Missy Elliot

There was no one else like Missy. I was drawn to this song because it samples one of my favourite songs. It was one of the first times I’d heard something sampled this way.

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory

This is the quintessential early 90s video. So get a nut and move your butt.

No Diggity – Blackstreet

My RA in university used to listen to this sound loudly whenever her boyfriend was over. The bass knocked shit off my walls. I know every single word. He visited a lot.

It’s also responsible for one of my favourite scenes in Pitch Perfect

OPP – Naughty by Nature

Literally the first thing I think whenever a see the Ontario Provincial Police logo

Insane in the Brain – Cyprus Hill

I don’t know what the band was going for, but they ended up with one of the catchiest refrains ever.

Jump Around – House of Pain

This song lead to the death of one my favourite necklaces. It was totally worth it.

Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G

This song has a super high play count in my music library.

Remember when songs had epic videos? Those days need to return.


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