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I’m currently working on some reviews, but at the moment, nothing is finished. The last few weeks have been insanely busy! I don’t know where all these events have come from. So, instead of a review, I want to spread the word on a recently released series of books.

I say series, but that is the loosest way to describe these seven books. However, it is the easiest way, so series it is. These books are written by seven different authors about seven different protagonists but all take place in the same setting. They can be read as stand alones but also have interconnecting storylines. Coordinating the writing of these books sounds incredibly complicated.

These are all Canadian authors (I believe) and the books as all YA. Canadian authors don’t always get a lot of word of mouth, so this is me trying to help them out. I haven’t read the books yet, but the concept is so neat that I know I’m going to.

Take a look, maybe you’ll like them. I’ve ordered my boxset.

“In early June, 1964, the Benevolent Home for Necessitous Girls burns to the ground and its vulnerable residents are thrust out into the world. The orphans, who know no other home, find their lives changed in an instant. Arrangements are made for the youngest residents, but the seven oldest girls are sent on their way with little more than a clue or two to their past and the hope of learning about the families they have never known. On their own for the first time in their lives, they are about to experience the world in ways they never imagined.”

It’s even got it’s own website!




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