Friday Music Roundup

If you have any kind of access to the internet, it’s pretty much impossible to not know it’s Black Friday. So, you know, spend your money or whatever. Or listen to today’s topically influenced music roundup – songs with colours in the title. I was going to do songs with the word black in the title, but then I realizes that I like a lot (a lot I cut out a good chunk of them for variety) of songs with Blue in the title. So, colours, not just black.

This list includes a little of everything – songs I know every word of, songs I used to play on repeat, songs that remind me of people, songs I don’t listen to anymore, and my if-I-absolutely-had-to-choose-one favourite song.

Blue Orchid – The White Stripes

Behind Blue Eyes – The Who

and let’s not forget when Giles became more than the stodgy watcher

Crimson & Clover – Tommy James and the Shondelles

Orange Crush – REM

Paint it Black (cover)- Gob (yes, the original is excellent, but this version was a huge part of my 20s so you get this version)

Band of Gold – Freda Payne

Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla

Pink Houses – John Mellancamp

Blue – Angie Hart

White Room – Cream

There was totally going to be a Prince entry on this list, cause he has many excellent colour related songs, but he doesn’t allow his videos on the internet or some such nonsense, so he lost his place.


Stay Weird

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