Little Pretty Things by Lori Rader-Day (@LoriRaderDay)

Recently, I was wandering through the bug room at a museum. In the back corner, there was a wall of butterfly boxes. I turned to my friend and said, ‘If I’d grown up somewhere different, I wonder if I would have known that there were jobs like this. If I’d lived in a different town, I think my life might have taken an entirely different path.” And for a brief moment, I resented the life that brought me to this place where I wasn’t tacking these beautiful bugs in boxes. Then I got over it, because I was out with people I wouldn’t know on that life path. But the characters in Rader-Day’s “Little Pretty Things” are stuck in this cycle of life resentment. Especially Juliet. A once promising track star, she now cleans rooms in a rundown motel off the interstate. Her life is not sunshine and roses.

Small towns are… well, if you’ve never lived in one, you can’t really know. Literally. It is inexplicable to people who grew up in cities. I equate it to working in an office. You basically know everyone, and you have to be careful what you say where, cause information will always get back to someone it’s not supposed to. But in the small town scenario, there’s no going home. Home is just more people that you know. There’s no anonymous trip to the store. You buy tampons, you’re buying them from someone in your class, or the child of someone you work with, or the woman who’s been working behind that counter longer than you’ve been alive. If you’re trying to get pregnant (which everyone already knows), the town will soon know that it didn’t happen this month. If you don’t want people to know you’re having sex, you leave town to buy condoms. It’s a strange microcosm of awfulness. But for some people, small town life is exactly what they want. They like having the lack of anonymity. They like knowing their neighbours. They find security in it. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday – Please, Santa, I Want Some More

This week’s list is all about books I’d like to receive under the Christmas tree. I’m not doing books I’d like to get so I can read them. This is all about the books I want to see on my shelf and it would be nice if I didn’t have to spend my own money on them. This is a list of selfish wants. It’s totally in the Christmas spirit…

So, let’s just get right to it.

Harry Potter Series – The Slytherin Covers

Okay, the last thing I need is another copy of the Harry Potter books, but come on, these are so pretty! I want to own them and never open them. For display purposes only. So pretty! So expensive


The Casual Vacancy – J. K Rowling

Let’s stick all the Rowling stuff together. I’ve read CV a few times. I love it. It’s one of my favourite books. For some reason, I don’t own a physical copy of it. Must be rectified Continue reading

Friday Music Round Up

It’s almost Christmas. That means the weeks are taking forever. There are crowds everywhere. And there is insipid music pumping from every speaker in every store. I will not be listening to Christmas music, will not! Unless forced. Or if it’s this awesome Dropkick Murphy’s Christmas submission.

This list came together in a weirdly fluid way. It started with the STP song, which led me to think about The Cure, and on and on until the list below happened. It’s probably going to seem super disjointed but trust me, it totally makes sense in my brain. Enjoy!

Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots

Absolutely my favourite STP song

 Friday I’m in Love – The Cure Continue reading

TBT – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Family tradition is one of those things that everyone has, even if you don’t mean to. Drink yourselves silly? Tradition. Always play boardgames? Tradition. Always, always, always fight over the amount of pepper to put in the gravy? Tradition. Open a gift Christmas Eve? Tradition. Don’t spend your holiday season with your family – bam, that’s your tradition. Doesn’t matter how it started, it’s something you expect to happen. For me, two of my family traditions that fill me with that warm, cozy feeling are weirdly related to the BBC.


The first is the Doctor Who Christmas episode. This used to be a just me tradition. For an hour every Christmas, I head off to the kitchen, settle down on the floor, and watch the new episode (last year I was allowed to watch it on the big TV – shocking). I recognize that this may sound sad to some people, but for me it is a blissful moment of silence in an otherwise high energy couple days. Over the last few years, my niece and nephews have started to get more interested in the show. Especially my niece. The first time she toddled into the room to sit down and watch with me, she was a year and a half. She now watches it with me yearly.


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Top Ten Tuesday – Best of 2015

I keep meaning to get around the reviews, but I’ve been so busy, all I can seem to put together are lists. Sorry dudes! But hey, today you get another list!

This could have been a lovefest to Courtney Summers, but I forced myself to list only two. These are almost exclusively YA books. That’s because it’s been a good year for them, and because I avoided a lot of what was super popular. I’ve learned that they are almost always disappointing. Not because of my hipster d-bag status, but because I’m not that into fantasy and that’s been crazy popular this year.

There are two memoirs on this list – which surprises me as much as you.

If you’re looking for a good book, pick up one of these and enjoy.


The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

No review yet. I just finished this book and haven’t gotten a chance to write it yet. I was truly surprised how much I liked this book. Continue reading