My Bad

I have been terrible lately. I have not looked at the blog in like a month. Vacations and summer and all of this life happening stuff and suddenly it’s a third of the way into July. I’ve actually completed quite a number of books, decent ones too, but nothing that’s really screamed ‘write a review about me’. I’m hoping to get at least one done over the weekend.

So until then, here are some songs. The only criteria I used to make this list: Canadian/ I haven’t posted anything by them before.

Or at least that was the criteria when I set out. It turned into a weird list of songs that have weird associations to growing up and my youthful years.

Headstones – When Something Stands for Nothing

I heard somewhere once that your fundamental musical preferences are cemented when you’re around 14. Now, I may have heard this on an episode of Criminal Minds, so the factuality is sketchy, but it feels kinda legit. Not that tastes won’t evolve, but that that style and those songs will continue to appeal to you as you age. This songs falls right in that range for me. And I’ve always kind of had a thing for Hugh Dillon (with or without hair).


The Guess Who – Clap for the Wolf Man

I remember being drawn to this band because Burton Cummings looked a lot like my uncle. And single digit age me thought that was pretty cool. They were important in the formative years of my music development. Also, they are excellent.

Blue Rodeo – Five Days in May

This band is the soundtrack of some pivotal moments in my life. I’ve seen them so many times I’ve stopped counting. Their performance of this song at Interstellar Rodeo a few years ago is one of the best concert moments I’ve ever seen. Also, I got to go through a build your own burrito buffet line between Cuddy and Keelor – which was a strange moment in my life.

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit

It’s just damn good.



Barenaked Ladies – What a Good Boy

These guys hold a place in my heart. I can’t explain it. I’m not going to try. They also introduced me to the term hairshirt. I still think it’s a strange term.

The Wet Secrets – Boat Gas Death Train

A local band with a kitschy aesthetic that 100% works. Always entertaining. Always worth seeing. And this song is always fucking rad.

Alanis – Real World 

Before she added the Morrisette to her public face, Alanis really had her finger on the pulse of  90’s middle class white girl angst. I knew every word of this album. Every single word.

Harem Scarem – Hard to Love

Degrassi is as deeply embedded in my persona as any tv show  can probably be. It was a major part of my youth. The School’s Out movie was so important to me that I’ve already written a post about it. I actually had a really hard time picking which song to post here. They all immediately bring me back to my living room watching as Joey gets it on with Tessa and Caitlin and hearing the word fucking on tv for  the first time.

Gowan – Moonlight Desires


Sticking with the Degrassi connection, I’m going with this song. It was a hard choice. Strange Animal and Criminal Mind have such epic videos. But this one really just lets you revel in that 80’s silk shirt/mullet thing that was apparently sexy…


Please note – this list is super not reflective of all the amazing Canadian music. It is a weird list of my choosing. My epic Canadian bands list should have happened last week, but instead I decided to go outside and be social.



Stay Weird

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