Top Ten Tuesday -Movie Love

It seems that every time I’ve been able to sit down and compose a post recently, they’re about movies or music. I suppose this is good – I’ve been shit atĀ getting any reading done lately. Today is a movie freebie.

Depending on your age, a lot of these are probably totally foreign. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Disney did live action movies that weren’t blockbusters. They were these weird little films that showed on tv and they were both delightful and terrible. Some of these I legitimately love. Some I just watched so many times they are ingrained on my brain. Some of these did come out more recently, but I love them, and it’s my list.

Do you remember any of these?


The Parent Trap (1961 / 1998)– technically, I only have nine movies listed here. That’s because The Parent Trap gets two entries. Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan both do excellent versions.

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