Everything’s Coming Up Me

I like books. I don’t read quickly, but I do read a lot. I also write stuff. I feel like I’m on the eternal yellow brick road trying to find the entrance to the publishing industry. It’s well hidden, but one of these days I’ll find the right combination of blood, words, wand motions, or whatever and crack that thing open.
I have always been a reader, that kid that would stay up reading long past my bedtime huddled under the covers with a book. My love of books led me to get schooled in highfalutin English Lit, but my heart will always belong to the YA genre. My home is lined with bookshelves, some dedicated to literary novels and classics, other completely over flowing with young adult books ranging from The Babysitters Club all the way up to The Hunger Games.
When I write a review, I am writing about my experience while reading a book. Whether or not I enjoyed it is reflective of what I felt when I read it. This may or may not align with your experience. We can disagree on liking the book, authorial intent, and the opinion of characters and content, but if I didn’t/did like a book, that’s mine to own.

4 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Me

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