Top Ten Tuesday – First Times

It’s been a pretty shit year for reading for me. There are many excuses I could list, but mostly, I just haven’t made as much time as I should have. However, I have read several new authors this year. And that is today’s Broke & Bookish Topic! These aren’t necessarily debut authors; they are simply people I’ve never read before. Some have been added to my list of authors to watch. Others probably won’t get a revisit.





Stacey Lee – Under A Painted Sky 

I do not like historic fiction. It is not my bag. But I did not hate this book. And that puts Ms. Lee pretty high in my books.



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Top Ten Tuesday -Movie Love

It seems that every time I’ve been able to sit down and compose a post recently, they’re about movies or music. I suppose this is good – I’ve been shit at getting any reading done lately. Today is a movie freebie.

Depending on your age, a lot of these are probably totally foreign. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Disney did live action movies that weren’t blockbusters. They were these weird little films that showed on tv and they were both delightful and terrible. Some of these I legitimately love. Some I just watched so many times they are ingrained on my brain. Some of these did come out more recently, but I love them, and it’s my list.

Do you remember any of these?


The Parent Trap (1961 / 1998)– technically, I only have nine movies listed here. That’s because The Parent Trap gets two entries. Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan both do excellent versions.

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Top Ten Tuesday – Now Hear This

Today’s ttt prompt is all about the audio. A totally free post as long as it’s audio related. Audiobooks. Songs. Whatever. Since my previous list of audiobooks still stands, I’m going with music. There is nothing pulling these songs together other than I’ve grooved to them within the last week. Fair warning, I finally watched AHS Hotel this week. It had great music.

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

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Top Ten Tuesday – The Books of Neglect

Today’s top ten list from the ladies at the B&B is one I can get behind. One any reader can get behind, especially any blogger (even the negligent ones like me).Books that have been in your TBR pile for a long damn time. Since before you started blogging. For me, that’s two and a half years. Books you teased by telling them you wanted to read them and then never picking. They’re just sitting there on the front step, waiting. Forever alone.

I have so so so many of these (and the number increased exponentially after I discovered Goodreads). My criteria for picking the books that landed on today’s list was singular – do I still have any interest in reading them. I also tried to stay away from books that have made previous TBR lists, but I was unsuccessful in that one.



The House of Lost Souls – F.G. Cottam

The Fischer House was the scene of a vicious crime in the 1920s – a crime which still resonates as the century turns. At its heart was a beautiful, enigmatic woman called Pandora Gibson-Hoare, a photographer of genius whose only legacy is a handful of photographs and the clues to a mystery.

Just weeks after four students cross the threshold of the derelict Fischer House, one of them has committed suicide and the other three are descending into madness.

Nick Mason’s sister is one of them. To save her, Nick must join ranks with Paul Seaton–the only person to have visited the house and survive. But Paul is a troubled man, haunted by otherworldly visions that even now threaten his sanity.

Desperate, Nick forces Paul to go back into the past, to the secret journal of beautiful photographer Pandora Gibson-Hoare and a debauched gathering in the 1920s, and to the dark legacy of Klaus Fischer–master of the unspeakable crime and demonic proceedings that have haunted the mansion for decades.

Because now, the Fischer House is beckoning, and some old friends have gathered to welcome Paul back. . .

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Top Ten Tuesday – Sand Between the Pages

This week’s topic is right on time. I’m heading off to a sunny, beachyish vacation in about two weeks. I’ve been trying to decide what to bring with me to read. I have a bunch of physical books I’ve purchased and want to read, but those books have made many of my previous lists.

I’ve been terrible at reading this year. I’m relying a lot on my audiobooks. Travelling means diving into my ereader- cause it’s lighter to carry. So this list is comprised of audiobooks from hoopla (if your library allows you access to this service, it’s amazing. check it out) and digital words hiding out on my Kobo waiting for some loving.

I know a lot people select the light and fluffy for their beach reading. And that makes sense. But those are just not my kind of book. So while these are fun and sun books, they’re lighter than some of my usual selections.


The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Page

I avoided Dorothy Must Die for a long time. I was so over this fairy tale retelling schtick. Then I needed a book and that one was there for the listening. And surprisingly, really enjoyable. The follow up will probably make great plane listening. Continue reading