Top Ten Tuesday -Movie Love

It seems that every time I’ve been able to sit down and compose a post recently, they’re about movies or music. I suppose this is good – I’ve been shit at getting any reading done lately. Today is a movie freebie.

Depending on your age, a lot of these are probably totally foreign. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Disney did live action movies that weren’t blockbusters. They were these weird little films that showed on tv and they were both delightful and terrible. Some of these I legitimately love. Some I just watched so many times they are ingrained on my brain. Some of these did come out more recently, but I love them, and it’s my list.

Do you remember any of these?


The Parent Trap (1961 / 1998)– technically, I only have nine movies listed here. That’s because The Parent Trap gets two entries. Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan both do excellent versions.

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Top Ten Tuesday -Scare Yo Self

Today’s Top Ten post is a Halloween freebie. I adore Halloween. The vibe. The aesthetic. The ability to try on identities. The abundant scary movies! Keeping all that in mind, it might be surprising that I don’t love horror novels. I typically find them kind of trite and predictable. I’m sure there are good ones, but it’s just not my genre.

However, I love me a scary movie. This year was my first year attending Dedfest, a locally run week of horror/horror adjacent movies. These are not your typical blockbuster fare movies. Some are gross, some scary, some down right silly, and most a combination of all of those things. I only went to a couple of the many, many movies they showed over the course of the festival, but it inspired today’s post. (I’ve included bookended the post with he movies I saw)

The following movies may include a few laughs, a bit of a spine shiver, some disturbing AF content, and healthy dose of suspension of reality.

Found Footage 3D (2016)

A group of filmmakers sets out to make the first 3D found footage horror movie, but find themselves IN a found footage horror movie when the evil entity from their film escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage.

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The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood (@AlexMarwood1)

Here’s the thing I love about Marwood  – she writes these stories that contain really gritty ideas but focuses on the human aspect of the story. On what makes the perpetrator fit in. Especially in the sections of society that are already marginalized and viewed with suspicion. A population so on the fringes that people don’t even notice when tenants go missing. They assume they’ve just taken off. Left their unit in this house they share. Units they pay for in cash with no record checks or backgrounds required before they move in. The type of place where someone like The Lover could live.

The Lover is a man living in the building. That’s really all we know. A sad, lonely man looking for a connection. For a life partner. All he wants is someone to make him feel loved. But instead of doing what the rest of the world does and going to a bar or using online dating or meeting someone through a friend, he kills vulnerable women from his building and mummifies them in his suite. But everyone who lives in this building is kind of sad. All of the male characters could potentially be The Lover. Is it the weird classical music playing guy? The political refuge? The overly friendly guy upstairs? The disgusting landlord? Each one is as likely to be the killer as the others. All we know is that he is a man. His entries into the story are sad, in their own way. I mean sure, he’s clearly unhinged, but he’s sad. He cannot figure out how to relate with people in a way that would allow him to form real social relationships.

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Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

Hard choices lead to bad decisions lead to terrible circumstances and to no choice to weird life changing decisions. That’s the story behind Those Girls by Chevy Stevens.  When three sisters are forced to defend themselves against their abusive, alcoholic father, they end up hitting the road, running towards a future they can’t predict. All they want to do is get away. Forever. The journey will test the bonds of sisterhood like nothing they’ve experienced before. Some of these tests will come from feeling like they have no choice. Some of them come from a life that has led them to believe they can survive anything. Some come from terrible judgement calls. Some come from the fact that they are teenagers.

It’s always kind of neat to read a book that takes place somewhere you know. Set in rural British Columbia, the novel takes takes us through country where I have spent a bunch of time. The town names are familiar. The roads are familiar. I know the drive they took. I don’t know everywhere, but enough that I didn’t have to spend any time figuring out the setting. I knew it right away. Unfortunately, that opened up room for me to be extra annoyed by the dialogue tags. I am not a fan of he said, she said, said, said, said. Parts of this book felt like said was used a dozen times on a single page. No other tags were chosen. It made parts of this very dark book feel juvenile. It pulled me out of the action. Although, maybe it did kind of work because the narrators are juvenile. Continue reading

My Bad

I have been terrible lately. I have not looked at the blog in like a month. Vacations and summer and all of this life happening stuff and suddenly it’s a third of the way into July. I’ve actually completed quite a number of books, decent ones too, but nothing that’s really screamed ‘write a review about me’. I’m hoping to get at least one done over the weekend.

So until then, here are some songs. The only criteria I used to make this list: Canadian/ I haven’t posted anything by them before.

Or at least that was the criteria when I set out. It turned into a weird list of songs that have weird associations to growing up and my youthful years.

Headstones – When Something Stands for Nothing

I heard somewhere once that your fundamental musical preferences are cemented when you’re around 14. Now, I may have heard this on an episode of Criminal Minds, so the factuality is sketchy, but it feels kinda legit. Not that tastes won’t evolve, but that that style and those songs will continue to appeal to you as you age. This songs falls right in that range for me. And I’ve always kind of had a thing for Hugh Dillon (with or without hair).


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