It’s Not Easy Being Green – or is it… (@hankgreen @realjohngreen)

My lovely friend, Stephanie rarely steers me wrong (convincing me Game of Thrones was worth my time, getting me to watch The West Wing several decades too late, explaining complicated political procedures with ridiculous names) and today is no exception. She took me by the virtual hand and walked me over to the vlogbrothers channel on YouTube.

I’ve seen some of John Green’s videos before (it took me far too long to realize this was the same John Green as the author) but I’ve never went looking for Hank Green’s videos. But, she knows me and my OCD and sent me Hank Green’s rant about books and he’s basically my new favourite person.

Why can publishers not make it easier for readers to recognize a series!!! Yes, this is a three exclamation mark issue. Why do I have to scour the book to find the chronology? Or worse! Have to go on the internet. Just put it on the book. It’s not hard. Tiny little number on the side. It can be done. Like Gail Carriger did with The Parasol Protectorate. See.
Sidenote: if you’re a fan of steampunk/urban fiction, this is an excellent series – read it (there are five books plus a secondary YA series. I had to scrounge this image off the internet since I’m not at home to take a picture of my own copies).

And if a book IS part of a series, for the love of reading, make all the books the same! I want them all to look the same – homogeneity is good in this case. They need to look pretty on my bookshelf. I want to be able to run my fingers along the spines of a series and absorb the love. If they’re all different sizes and colours and whatnot, it doesn’t feel the same. It just doesn’t. They might as well be different books. A book spine can compel me to pick something up almost as much as the cover. Get it right!

There are so many more things that are wrong with the way books hit the shelves, but back to the Green brothers. They’re rad. They’re smart. They’re witty. They’re geeky. I want to be friends with them. They are the one and only YouTube channel I’ve ever subscribed to. And yes, I know I’m late to this bus, but you’d be surprised how often that ends up being the case. If you love books, passion, and self-confidence, check them out.