Throwback Thursday – The Baby-sitters Club Super Editions

Remember when you were a kid and you had a book series you loved but you wished the books were longer? I could devour a Baby-sitters Club book in an hour or two. Normally not a big deal. I would just grab another book from my bookshelf. But when we’d go on vacation (especially camping), I’d end up packing an entire bag of books. Then came the era of the Super Edition!

Lots of teen girl series ended up coming out with these books, but the BSC are the first ones I remember and the ones I liked the best. They started coming out towards the end of my BSC reading life, but I may have kept reading them long after I should have stopped.

The super specials opened with a bang by sending the baby-sitters on a cruise with a bunch of their clients. I remember reading it and wondering how all that stuff be on one boat? This sounded like the most amazing thing ever (and when I finally went on a cruise a couple years ago, it lived up to expectations).


And then in the second book they were camp counselors – which I also went on to do in my teens. It is one of my best memories from my teen years.


Third book is full of snowy wonderfulness on a class trip – awesome! I loved week long class trips. And winter olympics… best idea ever.


These three books became beloved go-tos for me in elementary school. I have no idea where they are now and that makes me kind of sad. These longer books appealed to me because , as mentioned, they were longer, they always involved some kind of adventure, and everyone got a bit of a storyline. That meant my favourite characters would have something to do in every book – even if it was probably pretty lame – and I wouldn’t have to suffer through and entire book about Jessi or Kristy.

The super edition was a blessing for any avid book reading pre-teen. For an in-depth review of each of the super specials wander on over to my new favourite blog.