Meeting Jessica Wallace (Author Interview)

It’s a day of firsts on the blog today. My first author interview and Jessica Wallace’s first book release (and also interview). Author interviews are a bit strange for me. Asking someone to put down in a few short questions why we should spend our time on something that has taken a large part of their soul to create. But the ability to tap into the strength and passion that led to the book you’re about to read is part of what makes authors so appealing to talk to. (I’m going to be reviewing the book in the next couple weeks.)

Let’s take a quick looksee at the book blurb for Meet You There before we dive into our chat with Jessica.


“Robin Kent doesn’t understand how everyone around her, including her husband, is so certain of everything. The only explanation is that they’re all following the same Guidebook–a copy of which Robin has yet to receive. When a co-worker at her call centre reveals his secret, Robin is sure he’s offering more than just a way out of a depressing job, marking the beginning of a drift from one life to another. An original, inspiring story, Meet You There explores the ties that bind us.”

Your first novel comes out this fall. Can you talk a little about your publishing experience to date? How does publishing a short piece differ from a full length novel?

Well, I remember going to the library and checking out a book of publishers when I was about 10. I’d written a story and it was really long, so I figured someone would probably publish it. And then I’d probably get super famous because I was such a young novelist. My parents had the delicate task of giving me a reality check.

As an adult, I started having my poetry accepted by literary magazines in 2007; short fiction a few years later. There were a lot of excel spreadsheets and rejection letters. The process isn’t that different between novels and shorter work. Send it out. Get rejected. Send it out again.

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