Head Over Heart by Colette Victor – @chickenhsebooks

My YA tendencies usually lean towards books aimed at older teens that contain a bit of grit, but occasionally, I’ll pick up one aimed at the younger side of the YA spectrum. Head Over Heart is one of these books (I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review). The story focuses on the life of Zeyneb, a young Muslim girl going through the challenges of becoming a teenager in a busy and diverse London school. She is now of an age where she needs to make lots of big decisions – between family, friends, and boys. It’s a book a lot of young girls will be able to relate to, even if they don’t have to make the exact same choices as Zeyneb.

Family is very important in Zeyneb’s life and culture. Family comes first – at all times – at least according to her parents. But Zeyneb has other things pulling her attention. First there’s her best friend, Kelly, who comes from a single parent home and doesn’t understand the extreme demands put on Zeyneb by her family. Then there’s school and where that’s going to take her in just a few short years. Will she go to university for an education or follow in her sister’s footsteps and get married and have children. And then there’s Alex – the boy that sends her heart a flutter. The boy she is most definitely not allowed to have fluttery feelings about. And her decision about a headscarf. What she chooses in each of these scenarios is going to directly influence each of her other decisions. Continue reading

W W W Wednesdays

Usually, my reason for not posting a lot of reviews is because I’m being a terrible reader, but right now, that’s not the case. I’ve finished several books lately. I have a bunch of half finished reviews. I just can’t seem to finish them. The books I’ve been reading have all been so damn depressing.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog. So today, I’m going to do one of those quick meme things. Today’s is WWW Wednesdays hosted by Should Be Reading. It’s pretty simple:

• What are you currently reading?


This is one of them. I’m so damn close to finishing this one. I literally have about 15 pages left.
• What did you recently finish reading?


This is one of those depressing books I’m having trouble reviewing, but I hope to have something done in the next week or two.
• What do you think you’ll read next?


Maybe. This one. I’ve actually gotten to the bottom of my library list. I’ll be starting on my own books soon. This is one of those.