Top Ten Tuesday – First Times

It’s been a pretty shit year for reading for me. There are many excuses I could list, but mostly, I just haven’t made as much time as I should have. However, I have read several new authors this year. And that is today’s Broke & Bookish Topic! These aren’t necessarily debut authors; they are simply people I’ve never read before. Some have been added to my list of authors to watch. Others probably won’t get a revisit.





Stacey Lee – Under A Painted Sky 

I do not like historic fiction. It is not my bag. But I did not hate this book. And that puts Ms. Lee pretty high in my books.



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Top Ten Tuesday – Spring TBR 2016 (the season of completion)

I have been terrible with my reading lately. Terrible. I have been doing almost none. So, this spring TBR is full of books I keep meaning to get to and then don’t – like I said, I’ve been a terrible reader. But with the weather warming up, it means being able to sit out on my swing and read. That should fix this problem right up.





Happiness by Will Ferguson – Yup, this one has been on previous TBRs, but I swear, I will actually get to it one of these days.

When an enormous, self-help manuscript lands on Edwin de Valu’s desk, it seems destined for the trash can. The trouble is this doorstopper is a unique thing–a self-help book that actually works–and before Edwin knows it, a chain of events has been started that will have enormous consequences not just for his own life, but for the world at large.



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