Top Ten Tuesday – Now Hear This

Today’s ttt prompt is all about the audio. A totally free post as long as it’s audio related. Audiobooks. Songs. Whatever. Since my previous list of audiobooks still stands, I’m going with music. There is nothing pulling these songs together other than I’ve grooved to them within the last week. Fair warning, I finally watched AHS Hotel this week. It had great music.

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

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Music for All

It’s Friday. It’s a new year. It’s an old list style. Music. Listen up.

My Neck – July Talk

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Free For All Friday – Music Round Up

It’s Friday! I have no reviews written. That means it’s music day. Some are in high rotation on my ipod.  Some are songs I’ve been introduced to lately. Or really, just whatever I want. Cause sharing music is rad.

Perhaps you will like some of these. Or have suggestions for songs to check out.

Chick Habit – April March

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